Soft Drink Reviews Dr Pepper

How great is Dr. Pepper? I must say it is the premium beverage on the market today. It has just the right taste. So seeing as this is my obsession, I decided to inform others on its greatness as well as its history and statistics. Yes, that maroon can with white lettering touches something deep

Beverage Reviews Coca Cola Blak

I have tried Coca-Cola Blk and I really like it! It was the first time I had drank a coffee/cola mixture and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys both coffee and Coke. Coca-Cola Blk comes in a glass bottle shaped reminiscent of the original Coke bottles but smaller. The bottle itself is wrapped

Werthers Originals Review best Sweets and Candy Buttercandy Sweets

I still remember when these sweets were first advertised on TV. It was on old man sitting in his rocking chair, giving his young grandson his first sweet. It’s an iconic image which has always remained with me down the years. Well apparently Werther’s Originals are named after the small village where these were first

West Indian Hoppin John Recipe

This lively dish is a traditional West Indies recipe. On the island of Trinidad they have dozens of variations of it. Other islands have their own versions and it’s called different names. Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s it became “implanted” into the nouveau cuisine of African-American “soul food.” Similar in some ways

Pringles Ready Salted Potato Crisp Potato Chips Original Crisp

We had recently my son’s birthday party and we bought loads of crisps. Usually I try to avoid them and buy them about once a month but this time we had loads of guests so I bought several different crisps. Pringles Original comes in a red tub with the well known face on the top

Which is better Coke or Pepsi

Pepsi or Coke? Coke or Pepsi? Preferably, I enjoy a crisp, refreshing Pepsi as apposed to a slightly bitter tasting Coca Cola, but that’s just one person’s taste buds. First of all, have you noticed that the majority of people refer to soda in general as Coke? And when at a restaurant if you ask

How to Make the Original Smoothie

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie Smoothie bars can be found from coast to coast in the United States and around the world. Smoothies are made with everything from milk and ice cream to tofu and peanut butter. But what is a smoothie and what constitutes the perfect smoothie? The Humble Beginnings of the Smoothie

Diet Sodas in General

Diet Coke and …Nutrients? Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, here comes Diet Coke Plus, infused with something a little extra – vitamins. With slumping sales, Coca Cola is jumping on the get healthy bandwagon with another dishonest stab at us. It’s stated that one can of Diet Coke Plus has 15% of

Are Soft Drinks really as Healthy as they Claim

We’ve all heard that Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc., are all unhealthy, and we’ve all heard the myths that pop up in conversations – like how if you put a tooth (you may have heard a steak or a pencil) in a glass of Coke, it will dissolve overnight, or that drinks like these destroy

Original Ideas for Warming Drinks in Winter

During winter, many people find that a warm beverage is just what they need, and will often opt for the most obvious options, coffee or tea. However, these are not the only hot drinks available and there are many more interesting options. It can be fun to experiment with different drinks and flavour combinations to